Chapter Fifty Two - Manish

Being with Pallavi and treating her like someone special, as if she meant the world to him was getting a bit difficult to enact. But, he had to do it. He knew he had messed up by taking advantage of the situation and having sex with Pallavi and not only that he had made a bigger mess by calling out Mansi’s name in the end. Even in that euphoric state of orgasm he had known he had made a mistake.

If this is what he had to do to cover up the mistake, so be it. He was willing to do anything to set things straight; including ignore his primal desire of taking Pallavi to bed again. Offering to spend the day with Pallavi had worked out good so far; she had liked the way he paid attention to the little things, he knew she liked that he gave her importance. 

It bothered him when he had to disconnect Mansi’s calls but he had to, for two reasons. 
1.    He wanted Pallavi to feel that she was special
2.    By maintaining distance from Mansi he was making her restless.

Making Mansi restless was going to yield wonderful results, he knew. 

For the moment, he had to concentrate on Pallavi. He took her to the beach, he brought her snacks, he ran his finger through her hair, he touched her gently – a touch that spoke of caring and not of lust. He brought his erection under control a couple of times because he wanted to be the nice guy who did not always think about sex; he wanted to be the guy who knew how to treat a woman.

He hated to admit but the truth was – he enjoyed being with Pallavi. Taking a walk with her on the beach, maintaining safe distance but their hands touching at times gave rise to a weird feeling in him that he could not understand. He found himself staring at Pallavi while she was talking, watching her lips, wanting desperately to kiss her then and there. There were times when he wondered how it would have felt had it been Mansi in Pallavi’s place. Even though Pallavi was a nice woman, she was not Mansi and that alone was enough for him to not expect too much from their time together. 

He knew what Pallavi wanted. He knew she did not want the day to end. He knew how she felt – he could sense the jealousy when he had taken out Mansi’s topic. He was going to feed on it until he got what he wanted. He read Pallavi’s body language. He knew she was ready to offer herself to him and the truth was – he wanted her. The desire building inside of him wanted an outlet. But, he also knew he had to play it safe. After offering to take her home; Manish thought of the ways he could provoke Pallavi to openly offer herself to him.

When they reached the gate of the building he looked around, hoping that Mansi would not see them together. If Pallavi was worried of being spotted, he was twice worried of being spotted with Pallavi. Bringing her through a different entrance he successfully managed to get Pallavi inside his apartment. He resisted the temptation of getting in touch with Mansi. Closing the door behind him, when he had turned around to look at Pallavi he had noticed that she was already aroused only by being in the apartment alone with him. He observed her as she looked around the apartment. He walked to the bar and filled two glasses with wine, after considering for a moment he unbuttoned his shirt and turned towards Pallavi. He noticed how she stared at his bare chest and the desire to seduce her and take her was intensified. He offered her the wine and extended his hand towards her, he felt heat rising inside of him as she placed her hand in his. He took her to the couch and made her sit and sat next to her. They finished their drink in silence and he got up to get a refill. When he returned he noticed that his mobile was vibrating; he checked the display – Mansi was trying to get in touch with him. He smiled. 

He did not answer the call and he felt Pallavi relax besides him. When the ringing stopped he switched off the mobile; it was time to pay attention to Pallavi. It made sense living in the moment; especially when there was a possibility that the moment might culminate into something he desperately needed at the time. Mansi could wait. 

He offered the glass of wine and waited as she finished her glass. Then, he finished his glass and stared at Pallavi. No doubt, this woman was beautiful; and he was attracted to her more than he wanted to admit. He wanted to kiss her, wanted to touch her. He moved his hand, intending to place it on her thigh; instead he tucked the stray strand of hair behind her ear.

He held her hand and took her to the bedroom and with much self-control offered to sleep on the couch while she took the bed. He did not fail to see the disappointment. After giving her the option to change into comfortable clothes he turned around immediately to hide his erection. He sat on the couch and waited for Pallavi to come to him. When waiting for her became unbearable he lied down on the couch. He could see Pallavi’s shadow on the wall. He knew she was standing at the entrance of the bedroom; he wanted her to come closer. Had she taken one step outside the bedroom and towards him, he would have jumped at the opportunity and would have taken her but he was disappointed when Pallavi turned around to go back inside.

When he was sure Pallavi must have fallen asleep he got up from the couch and walked to the bathroom with mobile in his hand. He switched on the mobile and composed a text to Mansi after careful consideration – “I am sorry; I could not receive your call for two days. Had been busy with the extra workload and boss’s guests. Even now with a special guest. I will call as soon as I can, I promise.”

He smiled as Mansi replied immediately saying that she had been worried about him. He stared at his mobile and re-read the text Mansi had sent him and then he masturbated. 


Chapter Fifty Three - Pallavi and Manish

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