Chapter Three - Uncle

He knew that people talked behind his back. He knew that they debated over the reason he had started the ‘office’ and as to why he kept it operating. Some people said that he had too much money to waste and the ‘office’ was just for that, some people said that he had to maintain the books and hence he used the ‘office’ to officialise his black money. Nevertheless, they all took benefit of the ‘office’ and earned their living. The sole purpose of the ‘office’ was to keep someone close, to allow someone to earn a decent living. 

Chapter Two - Mansi

By the time she reached her bus stop she could hear her heart-beats in her ears, her throat was dry, and she was slightly shivering. Her experience with guys over the past year that she had been in Mumbai made her turn and run away from every guy she came across. It was not a surprise that she did not have a single guy friend and only one friend, the one she worked with and the one whose shift she was going to work now. She took out her handkerchief from her handbag and wiped the beads of sweat that had formed on her forehead. 

Chapter One - Mansi

She woke up startled because of the sounds of love-making from the adjacent room. She held her head in her hands and sighed. She hated the paper-thin walls of the room she stayed in. The sounds continued, from the pitch and the frequency of the sounds she deducted that the sounds had been going on for a while, what was it exactly that had awakened her? She got the reply as her body responded to the sounds. She pushed the covers aside and walked towards the kitchen, which was just a few steps away from her bed. She hated this place, but she had no option. This was the kind of accommodation she could afford with whatever money she had. She opened the second-hand refrigerator she had recently bought and took out a bottle of cold water, walked to the sink and splashed the cold water on her face.